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Sótano Épico, led by Richard Kasperowski in Boston, marries the discipline of classical piano with the raw energy of metal and punk. Richard, who once dreamed of being a lead guitarist, found his true voice on the piano, blending jazz and blues training with his love for hard rock. This unique fusion breathes new life into classic anthems with piano and vocals.

Beginning his musical journey under a jazz maestro, Richard's early aspirations took an unexpected turn. His project, Sótano Épico, emerged from this blend of influences, showcasing his innovative approach to music.

Since debuting, Sótano Épico has been quietly crafting a niche, preparing for a bold future. Currently working on an album set for 2024, Richard is pushing boundaries, reimagining 80s and 90s hits with a fresh, piano-driven twist. Sótano Épico is a testament to the unexpected paths that define us, proving that sometimes, the road less traveled leads to the most remarkable destinations.

Stay tuned for a journey that challenges genres and expectations, one note at a time.